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Making An Insurance Claim

Damage to the interior of your property

Owners should contact the Association promptly, and certainly within 21 days, if they would like to make an insurance claim for damage to the internal parts of their flat (e.g. walls, ceilings, sinks, baths, kitchen units, flat entrance door) with the Police notified immediately where theft or malicious damage has taken place. Please note that the block buildings insurance policy will not cover damage to the owner's personal belonging or internal furnishings (e.g. carpets or other floor coverings, curtains/blinds, furniture) and these would need to put to the individual's contents insurance company.  

An insurance claims form will be sent to the owner and it needs to be signed and returned with a cheque to cover the applicable excess if he/she would like the Association to organise the necessary repairs. Upon receipt of the claims form the incident will be logged with the insurer within five working days and we will then arrange to have the flat inspected for pricing purposes, quotes will be forwarded to the insurer for approval and when they have given the go ahead we will instruct the works and pay the contractor at completion. 

If on the other hand the owner wishes to organise the necessary repairs (i.e. arrange quotes and pay the contractor at completion) there is no need to pay the excess amount upfront. Instead the owner should return the claims form with at least two competitive quotes and the Association will obtain approval for the owner to proceed on the basis of the cheapest quote and will arrange reimbursement of the total cost (minus the excess amount) upon receipt of the final receipted invoice. The Association reserves the right to inspect the works both before and after they are carried out to ensure satisfactory completion.

Damage to the communal parts of a building

The Association will submit insurance claims on the owners’ behalf for the common/external parts of buildings (e.g. the roof, common close, front entrance door) and, if the claim is approved by the insurance company, the applicable excess will be apportioned between the owners insured and added to their factoring bills. All incidents of communal damage (e.g. vandalism, flooding, fire or storm damage) must be reported to the Association within 7 days of the incident with the Police notified immediately in the event of theft or malicious damage/vandalism. We will submit and deal with all aspects of the claim under our control promptly and efficiently and will ensure that the owners are advised as to the progress of the claim as appropriate.  


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Useful Numbers

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