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Noisy Neighbours?

Our recent tenant satisfaction survey revealed that 26% of tenants thought that noise between neighbours has become a more serious problem. 

Whilst it can be accepted there is a certain amount of noise created in tenement flats and a certain degree of flexibility needs shown by tenants there are some cases where the noise generated by neighbours is unacceptable. 

 If you are on the receiving end of unacceptable noise or behaviour from any of your neighbours we would encourage you to discuss this with us.

We will record what you say and this includes information on whether or not there are other witnesses.  We will then investigate what you have said and collect all of the information we can prior to contacting the perpetrator.

What is the difference (in our opinion) between a ‘formal’ and an ‘informal’ complaint?

The Association requires to ask whether or not someone making a complaint about anti-social wishes to make the matter formal.  The reason for this is that some complainants may wish their complaint to be recorded as informal as they merely want to ‘let us know’ or to ‘take a note of it and don’t do anything’ or perhaps the enquiry is minor and can be handled by passing information to one or more party if the issue relates to more than one resident in a close setting for example.  

What do we mean by ‘corroboration’ and why is it so important?

In the context of anti-social conduct, noise, etc this would be someone who could act as an independent witness to something that you are experiencing.  This could be a neighbour, a Police officer, someone from Council’s Noise Service or an employee of the Association. 

We often talk to tenants about corroboration and we sometimes are unable to process enquiries we receive any further as no one else has witnessed what has been reported.  We appreciate that this can be frustrating!  One of the reasons why corroboration is so important (especially in cases that may go to Court) is that it is a vital part of the proof process.  The Association is reluctant to proceed with cases where there is no corroboration as this could lead to rent payers money being spent chasing a lost cause!    

What can you do if you experience noise when our office is closed?

You can call the Police on 101 (non urgent crimes) if you think it is serious enough to do so.

You can also call Community Safety Glasgow.  If you want to acces their website you can do so by clicking on this link


Community Safety Glasgow operates an Antisocial Behaviour Noise Service which responds to domestic noise complaints.  The service is open to all residents in Glasgow, whether they are housing association tenants, owner occupiers or private let tenants.  

Should you experience a noise problem outwith our office hours then you can contact this Glasgow City Council run service, which operates from 5pm until 3am, 7 nights a week (excluding some public holidays).  The last call is taken at 2.30am.

CSG Noise Service can take enforcement action against loud music, barking dogs, DIY noise or loud televisions.  They cannot however take action against ‘living noise’ such as shouting, banging or heavy footfalls.  They can however witness any type of noise and can provide a record of any noise heard on request.  This can be useful if the Association has on-going cases or may have reason to warn a tenant for breaching their tenancy.

If you would like to register a noise complaint with CSG please call 0141-287-6688

It would also be useful if you call the Association the next working day and advise us what has happened and why you felt the need to call CSG.  We can then advise you of the process we need to follow and what you can expect from us in terms of assistance.


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