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Right to Repair Scheme


Under the Housing (Scotland) Act 2001, secure tenants have the right to have small (under £350) urgent repairs carried out within a certain timescale. These repairs are known as Qualifying repairs and are set out below together with the repair timescale.

When you report one of these repairs, we will tell you that it is a Qualifying Repair and will send you a letter giving you the timescale to carry out the repair, the work instructed, the details of the contractor instructed to do the work and the details of the contractor you can contact if the first contractor does not start work within the timescale.

If parts are needed or the work cannot be completed for some reason (eg severe weather), the timescale for the repair will be extended and you will be advised of this.

  Nature of repairs:                                                                            Timescale 

*unsafe power or lighting sockets or electrical fittings;                      

1 day                                                                         

*loss or part loss of electric power

1 day (loss)/ 3 days(part loss)

*loss or part loss of gas supply;                                                                  

1 day

*blocked flue to an open fire or boiler;                                                

1 day

*external windows, doors or locks which are not secure;                   

1 day

*loss or part loss of space or water heating if no alternative heating is available;                                                          

1 day

*toilets which do not flush (if there is no other toilet in the house);    

1 day

*blocked or leaking foul drains, soil stacks or toilet pans (if there is not other toilet in the house);                                

1 day

*blocked sink, bath or basin                                                              

1 day

*loss or part loss of water supply;                                                      

1 day(loss)/3 days (part loss)

*significant leaking or flooding from a water or heating pipe, tank or cistern;        

 1 day

*unsafe rotten timber flooring or stair treads;                                        

3 days

*unsafe access to a path or step;                                                                  

1 day

*loose or detached bannisters or handrails;                                          

3 days

*broken mechanical extractor fan in a kitchen or bathroom which has no external window or door.                                               

 7 days

If the first contractor does not start the work within the timescale, and you have to appoint the second contractor, you will be paid £15 compensation for the inconvenience.  If the work has started by the first contractor but not been completed within the timescale, you will also be entitled to £15 compensation.  If the second contractor does not complete work within the timescale, you will be entitled to another £3 for each working day until the repair is completed up to a maximum of £100 per repair.

 If you do not provide access for the contractors, the Right to Repair is cancelled and you have to report the repair again and the process starts again. 


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Useful Numbers

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