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Repairs Responsibilities

The Association has a duty to maintain its properties and will carry out repairs for which it is responsible.  Tenants also have a responsibility to maintain certain items and to take reasonable care of properties.   Any damage to the property caused by the tenant, or anyone visiting or living with the tenant, is the tenant's responsibility. If you are in any doubt as to whether you or the Association is responsible for a repair, please see below: 


Backcourt & Front area                                



Bin Areas
Clothes Line X    
Clothes Poles X
Drying Area X
Fencing X
Footpaths X
Gates X
Retaining Walls X


Bath X
Chains/Waste plugs in bath and basin X
Cistern X
Shower Unit X Unless fitted by tenant
Taps X Unless fitted by tenant
Toilet Seat X
Toilet Pan X
Wash Hand Basin X
Washers on Taps X


Door chain X Unless fitted by tenant
Door fittings - handles etc X
Door Nameplate X
Entry System X
External Doors X
Internal Doors X
Keys (replacement) X
Locks X Unless fitted by tenant


Communal TV System X
Electric Fire Unless fitted by Association
Immerser Heater X
Light bulbs X
Light fittings X Not including table lamps and tenants own fittings
Mechancial Ventilation X
Plugs(including fuses) X
Sockets X
Stair Lighting X or GCC Lighting Department         
Switches X
Wiring and fuse box X

Heating/Central Heating

Back Boiler X
chimney and flue X
Electric Storage System X
Gas Central heating/Pipes/Radiators/Thermostats/Pumps X
Gas Fires X If installed by Association
System fitted by you X


Cooker Unless provided by Association
Cooker Socket X
Chains/Waste Plug to sink X
Kitchen Units-Worktops X
Sink Bowl and Drainer X
Taps X
Washer on Taps X


Bannister - Internal X
Decoration - External X
Decoration - Internal X
Handrails - External X
Hatch to Loft X
Carbon Monoxide Detectors X Not including batteries
Smoke Detectors X Not including batteries


Blocked Sink, Wash Bsin or Toilet Unless blockage is due to common pipe blockage
Domestic Cold Water Supply (including storage tank) X
Downpipes X
Drains X
Gas Piping X
Hot Water Supply (including storage cylinder) X
Overflow Pipes X
Washing Machine Fittings X


Ceilings X
Chimney Stacks, Pots, Cowls X
Communal ares to flats X
Dampproof Course X
Floorboards X
Foundations X
Outside Woodwork X
Plaster and Plasterboard X
Roofs, Roof Tiles/Slates and Roof Lights X
Stairs (Common and Internal) X
Steps to Entrance X
Skirting Boards X
Stonework X

Sheltered Housing

Communal Areas X
Lifts X
Laundry for Communal Use X
Refuse Chutes X


Glass to Exteranl Doors X
Glass in Windows X
Sills X
Sash and ropes for windows X
Window Catches X
Window Handles X
Window Snibs X

Pest Control

Rats, mice, cockroaches, beetles, fleas, moths etc x
(Tenants should contract Environmental Health on 
0141 287 1059)

Contact Details

Charing Cross Housing Association
31 Ashley Street
Glasgow G3 6DR
Tel:  0141 333 0404
E-mail:  cxha@cxha.org.uk

Opening Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
9:00am - 4.30pm

1st & 3rd Wednesday (9.00am- 1.00pm closed)

Open from 1.00 pm - 4.30 pm

We are open at lunchtime

We are closed on weekends

Useful Numbers

CXHA Emergency Repairs:  0800 595 595

Gas Heating Emergency (for Tenants only):  07725 012200

Gas Emergency:  0800 111 999
Scottish Power Emergency:  0845 272 7999
Scottish Water:  0845 600 8855
Fire, Police, Ambulance:   999

Shelter Helpline:  0800 800 4444

(8am-8pm weekdays, 9am-5pm weekends) 


Scottish Housing Regulator Registration Number: HCB 88
Scottish Charity Number: SC042842

Registered with the Financial Conduct Authority Number:  1805RS

Property Factored Registered Number: PF00025 


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